Josh McDaniels' Wife Apparently Made Him Bail On The Colts Because Of Jim Irsay’s Weird Behavior, Which Included Being In Their Bathroom For Almost An Hour

This is being reported by Dan Dakich so take it with a grain of salt, but at the same time doesn't this scream Jim Irsay?. Now I don't think Jim was doing any perverted shit like whacking off in the bathroom, but I can definitely see him mis-managing the stomach and clogging their toilet like Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly. 

I don't blame McDaniels' wife at all. Imagine this guy was on your shitter for an egregious amount of time? And you know he doesn't take a pleasant shit. He repainted the walls in there. I know everyone else is thinking he probably was jerking off or doing coke in the bathroom but I have a feeling he just really had to shit. Or maybe he was stalling because he got there and realized McDaniels was a bad coach once talking to him. 

Maybe she made the whole thing up in an effort to get him out their house as fast as humanly possible after he started rambling about nonsense. Imagine making your best meal for this fucking guy and he's just speaking gibberish. I love this story because it puts these high profile coaches and owners in situations us everyday schmucks find ourselves in. Everyone has been at someone's house where you just really have to shit and there is no holding it in. I wonder if he made it seem like he had to pee at first, shit real quick, and returned to make it seem like he wasn't destroying their bathroom only to have to go back for the lengthy poop. It is the classic lets shit fast so they don't think I am taking a shit. Then you end up going to the bathroom several times and look like a weirdo. 

Now I want to hear this from McDaniels and his wife's side because debriefing that dinner after had to be one of the funniest things possible. Even Jim Irsay leaving and having to call people like yeah Josh is a weirdo can't hire him and not telling them how much shit just came out. If this is a true story we need every angle's side because it's simply too good.