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This Breaking News Is Going To Shock You, But I'm Just Going To Say It .... College Basketball Refs Stink And Are Ruining The Sport

Everyone knows I hate refs. They are on par with Duke fans in terms of obnoxious, stuck up, holier than thou douchebags. But we've reached a point, more than ever, where they are straight up ruining the sport. Mizzou/Arkansas should have been a good game. People will look at the score and assume it was a good game. Except for the fact there was 56 foul calls in one game. 

Yes, players can 'adapt.' That's a common excuse as to why there are a ton of foul calls. Except how to you adapt when refs are blowing the whistle on air like above? How do you adapt when games aren't consistent from one half to the other. Sometimes in the first half you can hand check or play physical in the post. In the second half there are 8 fouls in the first 4 minutes. 

Spare me the 'the job is difficult.' I forgot being a ref is the only difficult job in the world. No one else gets away with not being great at their job. I think most fans agree, we're not asking for 100% on correct calls. Even I know that's impossible. Just be consistent. 

They are making games unwatchable. There are plenty of reasons. The lack of new officials. The age of current officials. The fact they call so many games. And the fact they don't have to answer. The grades they get are hidden. The fact they don't have to answer questions following games. If they are going to impact a game, they should have to answer questions like everyone else, and not just from a pool reporter. 

Yes, I'm fully aware that complaining about refs is the same thing as 'old man yells at cloud.' I just don't care anymore. I'm simply a guy who watches too many college basketball games, who loves the sport probably too much that is annoyed. Look at that foul call! That ref should be fired on the spot.