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Sad: Dwyane Wade Couldn't Even Come Close To Finishing His Beer During A Chugging Contest At The Marquette Game Last Night

I'm really upset I didn't work Travis Diener in the headline here, because Travis Diener is fucking awesome. But I know how SEO works. D. Wade gets clicks. Diener gets clicks from me, Marquette fans and random people obsessed with college basketball. Anywho, this is from last night where Marquette honored the 2003 Final Four team. Personally? Fuck them. Just had to get that out there. 

We're not here to talk about 2003 though. We're here to talk about 2023. A 2023 where D. Wade couldn't even come close to finishing a beer. Listen, I know athletes chugging beer at events have become overplayed a bit. But you gotta finish the beer man. Even Diener is embarrassed by you. I don't care about triple doubles in the 2003 NCAA Tournament, this proves that Diener carried that squad. 

Love seeing Diener at 40 still just destroying beers though. That's the sort of guy I want to hang out with. He just wants to watch hoops, drink beers and probably go to bed at a reasonable time. Meanwhile Wade is riding around on banana boats. Sad to see.