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El Chapo Sent An "SOS" To The Mexican President Whining About The "Poor" Conditions Of US Federal Prison + Wants Moved Back To Mexico

"In the six years that Joaquin has been in the United States, he has not seen the sun," said Jose Refugio Rodriguez, a Mexico-based legal representative of the Sinaloa cartel founder.

The message, described as "an SOS," was transmitted via one of Guzman's lawyers in the United States as well as his family, Rodriguez said.

Guzman is only allowed outside three times a week to a small area where he "doesn't get the sun," and has fewer visits or phone calls than other inmates, the lawyer said in an interview with Radio Formula.

He also details the food isn't good and his teeth haven't been taken care of. 

The ADX in Florence is considered by the former warden as a "clean version of hell". And in the things I know about it seem no different from the reports. Although cameras have never really been inside, the conditions have been vocalized many times. It houses the most violent people on the planet associated with a crime in America and most inmates I'm sure would rather be put out of their misery as opposed to housing more than 24 hours there. Keep in mind the cell is 7x12

That said, I guess Chapo believes he's in a resort in Acapulco and not one of the most secured prisons in the world. The arrogance of this guy to think that he's to be treated any certain way is fascinating to me. This is the same person that was estimated to have moved 600,000 kilos of coke, 420,000 kilos of weed as well as heroin, fentanyl etc. into America, killed thousands of people for betrayal and for literally no reason at all and much more. Now I know we all have our beliefs in what the role of US government is in all of that but when talking about just him, he should never see the light of day again. 

Remember he has also escaped twice from Mexican prisons in his history. This is surely warranted. This is the only facility in the Western Hemisphere that can house him. 

The president of Mexico in his Tuesday morning press conference denied seeing Guzmán’s request.

“I haven’t seen it, but let’s see,” he said.

How in the fuck is this guy this dense? No. Say it right away. Set the tone.