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Nelly Appeared To Be In Another Galaxy While Performing At A Concert In Australia

I don't know if it was the time difference, being upside down on the planet, or trying to figure out which of his lyrics he was going to occasionally chime in with on the microphone that may or may not have been written on the back of his eyelids. But something was up with our boy Nelly in the Land Down Under. 

Now as is the case with all videos like this, people rushed to assume that Nelly was under the influence.

I agree 100% with @Spinnellii. Yes that video somehow does get funnier every single time you watch it and Nelly was indeed high as eggs (which is simply a tremendous phrase). However I don't know if he was high on drugs or any other substance. What I can guarantee you is that he was high on Nelly, which is something we have all been guilty of at some point over the last 20 years.

I mean look what kind of effect his had on my extremely lowkey yet lovable coworker from the midwest back in the day.

Once the sweet stylings of Nelly hit your eardrum, you simply cannot control what your body does. It could lead to dancing, screaming, or if you are the source of said sounds, your eyes rolling through the back of your head (Which actually sounds like the side effects of a drug that is being pushed every week during NFL games). 

So again, if you see someone acting strangely while Nelly is playing, please realize they aren't high or drunk on your traditional substances but instead high on that Midwest Swing.

To be clear, they could 1000000% be high and/or drunk on other stuff too. But they are definitely high on Nelly's music as well.