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Boston Dynamics' Latest Robot Video Is Here To Ruin Your Day And Remind Us That Our Days Are Numbered

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(Boston Dynamics' Atlas dancing on our graves)

Wake up babe, new Boston Dynamics vid just dropped.

Can't believe it's that time of the year already… when Boston Dynamics drops a vid that reminds us that our days are numbered.

BD's latest clip shows its Atlas robot helping a forgetful human retrieve his tool kit. You'll note that the robot isn't actually doing any construction, presumably because it isn't part of the union and/or hasn't mastered cat calling. And for some reason it's the most overly choreographed sequence of events I've ever seen. Seems like it could have just thrown it from the ground, right?

Oh, and it's not entirely clear why the company can afford to invest millions of dollars in R&D, but hired an actor that sounds like he's an extra in porn…

Shania Twain said it best: "That don't impress me much…"

I hate to be that guy, but has Boston Dynamics really upped its game in the last 365? I wouldn't say its construction assistant vid is leaps and bounds above its parkour demo from last year. Or even its dancing vid from a few years back.

I mean this time around Atlas wasn't even as cocky (it brushes off its shoulder around 50 seconds in its parkour vid below). The people deserve a griddy, Boston Dynamics.

Don't get me wrong, these things still have me bearish as fuck on the world economy and the human race over the next few generations. But I can't help but think this was an (over)reaction on the part BD to everyone getting all horned up about AI, ChatGPT etc. 

Boston Dynamics doesn't want to be left behind. Listen, I get it.

It was the OG of making humans scared they were going to lose their jobs/be killed by sentient robotic overlords. It's probably feeling more than a little bit threatened by AI getting all the fucking glory lately.

PS - How long until some nerd puts ChatGPT in a Boston Dynamics robot?

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