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I Travelled To Scottsdale, AZ With Francis To Be Learn How To Be "Proper, "Rich" And "Douchey"

This video took like 2 months to edit, but our (now not so) new editor Dave Sokol knocked it out of the park. Barstool has an incredible asset with Sokol now on the production team. Francis did aight too. He's a good cat. I was the star of the show though, per usual, even if the graphics team made me look like a strung out fentanyl addict in the thumbnail. 

We'll give the backstory of how this video came to be on one of Barstool Chicago's podcasts next week. In the mean time, enjoy. I have to catch a bus to game 5 of the Dominican World Series with Donnie Does in a moment. If you have anything you'd like to bitch about, which I'm sure all you half wits do, direct your ire all towards Francis, as myself and Los Tigres del Licey have a World Series to win.

Part II coming up where I invite Francis into my world, aka the "underbelly of the Titanic" in due time. Maybe he'll stand on his tip toes and impress all my gutter rat friends. We'll see!  



PS - the fight was 100% fake and an act. Or was it? Was the entire video scripted? Ad libbed? Did Francis and I actually almost come to blows, only to mend fences for the climax of the video? That's for us to know, and you to obsess over like a bunch of weirdos