Sorry To The Haters - John Calipari Remembered How To Coach, Wants Any Bandwagon Fan To Pay For Doubting This Team

I don't blame John Calipari for this quote. The majority of fans lost hope with this team after the loss to South Carolina. Then it happened. John Calipari remembered how to coach and more importantly how to get his best lineup on the floor. It sounds simple. It's something every Kentucky fan begged for. It happened.

Cason Wallace, CJ Fredrick, Antonio Reeves, Jacob Toppin (or Chris Livingston, whoever is playing better) and Oscar. 3 shooters. Oscar rebounding. Livingston/Toppin just flying around the rim. Again, it didn't seem this difficult except Calipari might be the most stubborn man in America. He kept the ball in Wheeler's hands. He kept running Lance Ware at the 4. Everything looked bad. 

Then he proved everyone wrong last night when he played Wheeler for a total of 55 seconds in the 2nd half last night. That was the difference. Cason Wallace is a difference maker. He can shoot, he's a playmaker, he can actually finish at the rim. Then there was Oscar. The Oscar who did this: 

Just an absurd stat line. Now I'm not saying Kentucky is winning the title. That would be crazy talk. But the season has hope again. Beat A&M on Saturday in Lexington, win at Vandy and you have momentum before playing Kansas. It's starting to mimic the 2017-18 season a little bit. Road win (18 was at WVU) that wasn't expected. SGA/Quade Green pt. 2 with Wallace and Wheeler. 

This is the Calipari we wanted to see. The one who made the smart decision and got his best lineup on the floor. The Calipari that showed passion and not just shrugging his shoulders making bullshit excuses. The guy who isn't afraid to piss people off. That's the Calipari Kentucky fans fell in love with. 

So any bandwagon fan, hang onto the rail. Except this guy. Keep him away from Kentucky.