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Veronika Rajek Blames Tom Brady's Teammates for the Playoff Loss the Way an Internet Crush Should

Speaking as someone who spent the better part of 20 years professing my love for Tom Brady on the internet, it's not an easy life. It takes a level of dedication not many people are willing to commit to. Crushing on Brady is a dog-eat-dog world, where there's always someone coming along willing to outwork you. You've got to want it more than the other guy or girl. 

Which is why what Veronika Rajek has accomplished over the last five weeks or so has been so impressive. From the time she first hit the GOAT Worship scene following his epic comeback against New Orleans:

 ... to her will-they-won't-they with Francis:

… to her big reveal that a doctor confirmed that she is just as God made her:

Giphy Images.

… she had firmly attached her fame to Brady's in magnificent fashion. And as someone who has been at this a long time, all I can do is admire the way Rajek has been able to hitch her wagon to his star (I might have just mixed a couple of metaphors, but I think that's a real expression) in such short order. 

Credit where it's due as well for pulling out that Teddy Roosevelt quote for Monday's pregame post. For the maybe 2-3% of us who actually took the time to read it and not just stop at the photos, it tracks. Because we know that's one of Brady's personal favorites and where he got the title for last year's docuseries he did about his Super Bowl wins. So chalk another one up to Veronika. 


But it's after the loss to the Cowboys that she really proved how formidable she is at this game. And how fully invested she is in being truly great at it:

Veronika Rajek, you magnificent bastard. Letting your boy off the hook after a game in which he didn't put points on the board until the last play of the 3rd quarter, down 24-0. Making excuses for him after he threw a red zone pick. Blaming his teammates for one of the worst postseason performances of his career. I'd complain she's working my side of the street, but I closed the Banana Stand when he left us on St. Paddy's Day, 2020 and the world collapsed. So it's all hers.

Veronika has not only learned how to Brady's back on the internet, she's already mastered the art of defending her man. The way his women do:

That is how it's done. Gisele set that bar high, and damn if Veronika Rajek hasn't already reached it. Whether the collateral damage is Wes Welker or the 2022 Bucs offensive line is irrelevant. The point is that when the GOAT is in your heart, teammates don't matter. You support him, no matter what. Consequences be damned. 

It's with a heavy heart I report that we still have no idea if there has been any communication between these two, or if Brady is even aware this remarkable woman exists. But at this point, it feels inevitable. The good news is that he's got all the time in the world these days to reach out to her and make this a thing. And it's fair to say she's earned it.