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Eagles Fans Need To Promise They'll Behave So Dexter Lawrence's Mom Can Go To The Game On Saturday Night

Don't get me wrong. I hope the Linc is an absolute war zone on Saturday night. I hope it's the most intense environment anyone within that New York Giants organization have ever been in before. I hope every play on defense sounds exactly like that first Rhys Hoskins homer against the Braves. 

Loud. Rowdy. Rambunctious. I want each and every fan to channel their inner "Go Biiiiiiiiiiiirds" kid. 

With that being said...

Well I still think Mrs. Lawrence should be able to show up to the game to watch her son play. I mean who knows when she'll ever get a chance to watch him play this far in the playoffs ever again? He still has another year left on his current deal in New York. The Giants will probably try to get him to stick around for a few more years after that. This could be the last time she ever gets to watch her son play in the Divisional Round. And it just breaks my heart that Dexter doesn't want her there because he's nervous she'd end up getting into it with a bunch of fired up Eagles fans. 

So what if we all just promise to behave on Saturday night? Direct all your hatred towards the actual players on the Giants. I hope Dexter Lawrence has the worst night of his life. I hope he's miserable for a full 60 minutes. But I hope Mrs. Lawrence has a wonderful experience in Philadelphia. Same goes for Eli Manning. Crush a few beers with the man, get a few photos, let him have a good time and just focus on making Daniel Jones think that he's entered the ninth circle of hell. That doesn't seem like too much to ask for. 

Go Birds.