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Grit Personified: Camera Guy Takes An All-Time Tumble On The Court After A Game-Winner, Never Stops Recording

Go right to the 43 second mark

This is what it's all about. Do your job. Your team hits the game-winner, you immediately get on the court. I don't care if you topple ass over head. You get that shot. You never stop recording. Good news, we got the POV: 

That's grit personified. He could have pulled up with an injury. He could have moped. Nope. He gets that camera and doesn't hit stop. He makes sure he gets all the angles, even from the floor. This is what everyone thinks Wojo was like at Duke. Not just slapping the floor but this camera guy was hitting the floor. 

The worst part is you know he knew he was going down. Everyone has fallen once in their life and you know the feeling. You get that one step and all balance is going off. You do everything possible to catch yourself. You do everything possible to stay upright. Then it happens. Crash. 

Shout out this guy though. He didn't give up. He got the shot, posted it to Twitter. Embrace the fall. Do your job.