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One 15 Second Clip Perfectly Sums Up The WSD Experience

I've watched this clip no less than 20 times this morning and laughed out loud every time. It's the epitome of a WhiteSoxDave response to that exact scenario. A response so authentic and natural, yet completely vile and off-putting. Dave knows the camera is on and dialed up an answer to the question that would be good for the content, but at the same time that is something he would do in real life. That is the beauty of WSD. What you see is what you get. He is who he is. He might turn it up a notch for affect, but at his core that answer he gave to that etiquette coach is who he is. He is perpetual shock and awe. Sometimes on purpose, other times just oblivious, always himself. That is the WSD experience. That is what made Dave want to hire him after he went 12 rounds with a piece of gum. It's why Eddie wants to plant cameras in WSD's house for a Truman show experience. It's why I like hanging out with him. He's honesty, except when he's lying, but when he's lying it's in a Costanza way and he will always admit it later. I can't wait for this entire video to drop. It's going to be the best odd couple on the internet today