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Somehow Real: Nate Oats Reportedly Spoke To Ray Lewis After Darius Miles' Arrest Because 'He Went Through A Similar Situation'

It's very, very rare for me to see something that has me speechless or at the minimum legit stops me in my tracks. Being on the Internet for this job as much as I am, you see all sort of stories and news and whatever else. But this? This is so incredibly crazy I had to read it 5 times just to make sure it was true and then check the source of it another 10 times. 

In case you missed it Darius Miles - a player who was on Alabama up until Sunday, has been arrested on capital murder charges. 

So Nate Oats talks to Ray Lewis? I mean, the jokes write themselves pretty easily. But even if you do talk to Ray Lewis how do you let other people know this? You have to keep this sort of insane statement in house. It's the most preposterous statement I've read .. maybe ever. 

Oh he has a daughter who went to Alabama and he just happened to be in a similar situation. So, yeah, let's call him up! Who else was on the list to call? Even writing this blog I'm somehow struggling to find words because of how absurd this entire quote is. 

Seems pretty simple here. If one of your players is facing capital murder charges don't call Ray Lewis because he was in a 'similar situation in Atlanta.' There are other people to call.