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The Vibes Don't Get Higher Than Nick Sirianni And The Boys Having A Pizza Hut Party To Prepare For The Giants

As the late, great Mahatma Gandhi once said, "No one out-pizza's the Hut".

I want you to go ahead and tell me one thing on this planet that brings the boys together quite like a pizza party. That was a trick question because there is no such thing. You and the crew get together, no girls allowed, and you stuff your faces full of as many slices as your tummy can handle. Couple cans of soda pop to wash it all down and now you're having the best night of your life. 

And yeah, there are endless options of incredible pizza to be found in the city of Philadelphia. Angelo's, Circles + Squares, Pizza Jawn, Shackamaxon, Beddia, Spuntino (pretty sure they just changed owners but not sure), Pizza Plus. The list goes on and on. But sometimes you're not craving the local pizzeria. Sometimes you're not looking for a pie that can literally change your entire outlook on life. 

Sometimes you're just craving Pizza Hut. Specifically some stuffed crust. It's an entirely different craving than any of the places mentioned above. And when you get that craving, only Pizza Hut stuffed crust can hit that spot. What a rush. The moment you open that box you know you're going all out. And now that we're in the playoffs, that's the only way to be. You either go all out or you go home. 

Clear eyes. Stuffed crust. Can't lose. Let's earn ourselves another pizza party on Saturday night, men.