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One Thing Every NHL Team Needs Before The Trade Deadline - Pacific Division...Bonus $EBR Winner!

On Episode 3 of Chiclets Games Notes Army, G and myself did a quick rundown of moves we want to see NHL teams make as we inch closer to the trade deadline. 

We mostly talked about Cup contenders, but since I’m a proven tanking expert (you’re welcome Pittsburgh) we will cover the bottom feeders as well in this blog. I am not a Capologist by any means, I barely got through Calc II at RPI, so not sure how teams will make it work, but find a way!

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Pacific Division

Odds via the Barstool Sportsbook

Vegas: Cap room hell, but they need depth in the lineup and a veteran goalie.  If Stone goes on LTIR for his injuries maybe they can wiggle one through.  Foley will not stand for an early exit in the playoffs with spending so much.

Los Angeles: Make a serious move, Karlsson from the Sharks, he would love to be in LA and the team is ready to compete in the next few years.

Seattle: You are way ahead of schedule, but you're in the dance so go for it and add a piece like Meier from the Sharks.

Calgary: Gostisbehere from Coyotes, add another PP D-man and someone to move pucks fast out of your zone to your speedy forwards.

Edmonton: Do whatever you have to get Ekholm from Nashville.  Also, need to add some grit up front that will give 97 and 29 more space. Throw in an invite for a soak in McDavid's hot tub to pull all this off. 

Vancouver: Fire sale, everything must go except Pettersson and Hughes.

San Jose: Retain some of Karlsson's contract so you can trade him and trade Meier for picks and prospects.

Anaheim: The team stinks but has a ton of young stars. If they stay on this path they will have a few lottery balls for Bedard to add to this dynamic crew. Ducks fans don't get too excited though remember it came down to you and the Penguins for #87 back in 2005 and we all know how that ended.

$EBR NHL Winner:

Vancouver Canucks / Colorado Avalanche Over 6.5 Barstool Sportsbook

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