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Watch A Raiders Fan Crash Through An Awning At Allegiant Stadium

Earlier this month the Raiders lost to the Chiefs & their season came to a close. Thankfully only playoff hopes & dreams were crushed in the stadium that day, because it could have been much worse... 

Update the log: The awning above official team store "The Raider Image" is not solid.  

According to a witness the man's hat had fallen over the glass partition & he jumped over to retrieve it thinking the outcropping over the store was cement. Alas, he was clearly mistaken (but he did get the hat down). 

I've watched the video on a repeat for a minute now and the confidence with which he leaps the glass is genuinely hilarious. He doesn't daintily tap his foot to check & then cautiously slide down.. he enthusiastically jumps with a fun arm swing. Though I'm sure he's still a bit sore I was glad to see the man was able to get away largely unscathed. Even luckier is the little boy who was only a couple steps away from disaster. Phew!

Let this be a lesson to anyone planning their bachelor/bachelorette party to coincide with a football game in Vegas next season. What happens in Vegas stays on social media.