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One Thing Every NHL Team Needs Before The Trade Deadline - Central Division...Tonight's $EBR Winner!

On Episode 3 of Chiclets Games Notes Army, G and myself did a quick rundown of moves we want to see NHL teams make as we inch closer to the trade deadline. 

We mostly talked about Cup contenders, but since I’m a proven tanking expert (you’re welcome Pittsburgh) we will cover the bottom feeders as well in this blog. I am not a Capologist by any means, I barely got through Calc II at RPI, so not sure how teams will make it work, but find a way!

Central Division  

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Winnipeg: I would grab Klingberg from the Ducks, and play him for limited minutes, just on the PP, or when you're trailing throw him and Morrissey out there together and go all-in to get one!

Dallas: Try to add depth at the center position which is very hard to find.  Bonino would work so he can eat up time on the PK and take some important draws.  This team has to keep the score down to rack up wins.

Minnesota: Grab Boeser from Vancouver for some extra offense.  This team has had trouble in playoffs with scoring at times and this adds depth to help out Kaprizov.

Colorado: The expensive trade is Horvat but how much do they give up in picks? Try all you can to give up picks and don't let players leave. Back-to-back Cups are what this group needs and deserves so let it fly Joe.


St. Louis: Time to trade Tarasenko and possibly O’Reilly, it’s been a good run.

Nashville: Playoffs are not happening, trade away Ekholm for some young assets.

Arizona: Trade everyone you need Bedard and make sure Biz doesn’t try to Billet him.

Chicago: Trade Kane and Toews time to start fresh. Domi should have lots of interest too. 

EBR's NHL Winner: Jets / Leafs Over 6 -120 Barstool Sportsbook

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