One Thing Every NHL Team Needs Before The Trade Deadline - Metropolitan Division...Bonus $EBR Winner!

On Episode 3 of Chiclets Games Notes Army, G and myself did a quick rundown of moves we want to see NHL teams make as we inch closer to the trade deadline. 

We mostly talked about Cup contenders, but since I’m a proven tanking expert (you’re welcome Pittsburgh) we will cover the bottom feeders as well in this blog. I am not a Capologist by any means, I barely got through Calc II at RPI, so not sure how teams will make it work, but find a way!

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Metropolitan Division

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Carolina: Pacioretty coming back is like trading for a top guy, I wouldn’t do much. If they can add some lower-line scoring for cheap that would be ok but this team is solid.   

New Jersey: Trade for Toews, Devils need leadership in that young locker room.  I do not know if Toews would want to come to a team with super fans like Pasha and Frank The Tank, but it would be a great fit.

Washington: Competing without Wilson and Backstrom has been surprising and now they have a chance to make the dance. Look to add a defensive defenseman. Think of a Brooks Orpik style.

Rangers: Trade for a guy like Bonino, this team needs extra leadership. I wouldn’t say no to Kane either depending on the injury. The sneaky one I want to happen is Ryan O'Reilly. The instant depth and Cup winner helps this young group get to the Cup Final and that means extra Mika Burgers for me all Spring.

Pittsburgh: Last Dance and in desperate need of some grit, add Josh Anderson from Montreal.  Put him on a line with Malkin to clear some room for the "King". 

Islanders: Trade for Tarasenko to have that big-time goal scorer finally.  A big-body winger that can hammer the puck on the PP is a must for the Isles. They always lack scoring in the playoffs. 

Philadelphia: Stop winning and trade everyone to give yourself a chance for Bedard.  Torts will be fine to sell assets like a foreclosure so he can build the team he wants.  

Columbus: A top 5 NHL city according to Grinnell but, a bottom 2 team in the NHL. Stay the course and you will have a few lottery balls for Bedard. 

$EBR's NHL Winner: 

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