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Kids Are Way Too Scary These Days

This was an old clip resurfacing this weekend, and rightfully so. I mean what a play. I don't fault him at all, he's seen his dad complain about not getting the ball countless times, so if this bastard wasn't passing the ball he deserves to get tackled. I can see Julius Randle being like a drunk with coffee Will Ferrell in Kicking and Screaming when he yells at his team to break their clavicles. 

I wonder what the parents' dynamic is though. Forget your kid, you need that in with Randle. Like before every game I could see some dads just watching a ton of NBA film so they can talk shop with Randle and maybe become boys with him. Instead of the usual sports parent complaining to coach about playing time or a lack of shots, you do the opposite and teach your son passing is a good thing. Feed Randle's kid the ball and get out of the damn way. Your child becomes a second priority in this situation. The endgame is all about becoming friends with the NBA star. 

This video also just shows me why I am terrified of kids these days. They all watch Tiktok and just scare the shit out of me. 

If these were my kids I would be terrified and they would bully me. I feel like they would ground me if I did something wrong. You have no power over these monsters. These kids are fucking shooting arrows after a made three and flexing on everyone. What am I supposed to do with that kind of energy? I think I would rather be in a one on one fight with a wolf then have to walk by these kids on the street. My self esteem would be at an all time low and I would never want to come outside of the house again. 

I feel like kids used to look up to their parents because they had nothing else to go off of, but now they look up to the kid who asks people on the street who their most famous person in their phone. We're all fucked. 

P.S. Number 1 on this team will be at Duke at some point in his life and become the most hated player in the nation.