This Kid Might Be The Best Ballboy Of All Time

Talk about delivering when the pressure is on. Hate him or love him (most people like myself hate him), but Lebron is still Lebron and this kid showed out with The King in attendance. All heart , all hustle, all dedication. Lebron ate it up. (Imagine how much more Lebron would have loved it if the kid flopped ) . 

 It is a pretty ballsy move to race down the other end of the court when guys are walking around after a foul etc. One could turn the wrong way without any idea your coming and have a big collision but credit this kid for committing to his job and firing the team back up on his end with high fives etc. Whatever works is fair game in the mop business. And it clearly works for this kid. He's all in. Lives and dies with the mop (or towel in this case) game. 

The question remains ... would you rather have this kid or Jersey Jerry ?