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Jake Paul Versus Tommy Fury Is Back On... (for now)

Christian Petersen. Getty Images.

So, apparently, this shitshow is back on…

Prompting my boss to tag another media icon in a tweet predicting the outcome…

Prompting me to tweet a knee-jerk prediction in hopes I might get some followers off of any further debate between two huge personalities (Dave and Rogan)

This "Battle of Mediocrity" almost happened in December of 2021, but was canceled because Tommy had some health issues.  Then it was resurrected in August of last year.  However, Fury claimed his travel visa to the US was denied, so it was canceled again.

And now we may be just over a month away from finally seeing these two giants of social media touch gloves in the squared circle.

Presumably, this fight will take place in England because Jake has told Fury's team that he'd be willing to fight in Tommy's backyard AND to prevent any mysterious visa issues Tommy may drum up.

Here are my preliminary thoughts on the fight…

- As I said before, Jake Paul may not be very good AT boxing, but he is very good FOR boxing.  And this bout will undoubtedly draw eyes to the sport that were otherwise glued to TikTok.

- I will watch this fight and pay whatever the PPV price is… Like it or not, Jake is a huge personality, and perhaps the greatest self-promoter since Adolf Hitler.  And that "love him or hate him" quality he possesses will rake in considerable dough from fans who love him, but also even MORE money from people who are dying to see him get his fucking face punched in.

Either way…

Giphy Images.

By the way, I reside in that first camp… I like Jake Paul.  

And the frustration people have with the quality of his opponents thus far is misplaced.  Jake Paul fights EXACTLY who he should be fighting at this point in what I assume won't be a very long boxing career (I'll explain why I don't think it'll be very long in a sec).  And Tommy Fury is the perfect next step for two reasons…

1) Jake's biggest criticisms are that the 26-year-old doesn't fight young athletes or real boxers, and Tommy is both young (23) and technically a professional fighter.

Jason Miller. Getty Images.

2) However… Tommy Fury stinks.

So this upcoming bout, in my humble opinion, is a 50/50 fight.  

They are both athletic… Tommy has more of a pedigree, but Jake has been busier in front of huge crowds.

I will rewatch some of Jake and Tommy's fight tapes as it gets closer, but I am not motivated to dig deeper until I see more than a couple of tweets saying this fight is on.

In the meantime, middleweights Chris Eubank Jr. vs. Liam Smith fight this coming weekend (1/21) on DAZN… Light heavyweight champ Artur Beterbiev fights Anthony Yarde for Beterbiev’s WBC/IBF/WBO titles the following weekend (1/28) on ESPN+… And on February 4th, both Amanda Serrano and Alycia Baumgardner are fighting separate unification bouts at MSG in the women’s featherweight and junior lightweight divisions (also on DAZN).

And the reason I say Jake's boxing career will not be long is that after a couple of more years, people will almost demand he steps up his competition to something other than washed MMA legends and reality show contestants/boxers with great last names.  At that point, the smart move would be to walk away with his millions and focus his attention on an arena where he doesn't get his fucking face punched in… And Jake Paul ain't no dummy

Take a report.