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Cowboys Fans Talking Shit To Deebo Samuel On Facetime From The Bucs Stadium As Dallas Won Its First Playoff Game In 4 Years Is A Bold Strategy

Well I guess we can officially place Cowboys fans as officially being back now that they are doing shit like this after a playoff win against an 8-9 team the entire country hated because they let every single person down that bet on them, had one of their players in fantasy, or just wanted them to win a big game. Don't get me wrong, I was screaming at the top of my lungs about every old take that Daniel Jones exposed during Sunday's win over the Vikings, regardless if Danny's dimes were falling in the hands of wiiiiiide open receivers that didn't have a purple jersey within 10 yards against a team every person in America called a fraud at some point over the last five months.

However, there is always a little extra put on trash talk when it's said by Cowboys fans despite their team not winning a Super Bowl that could've been made into a DVD since the DVD hadn't been invented yet. I admittedly don't know if that's the case across the entire country. But the type of Cowboys fans I saw in the Tri-State Area were exactly like the one Artie Lange had in Beer League.

Anyway, I understand feeling good about curb stomping a team in their building during the playoffs and causing their fans to lose their minds as well as their jobs.

What I don't understand is why this Cowboys fans would willingly talk shit to Deebo Samuel of all people because...

A. The name Deebo is objectively a scary, even if Friday had never been made (RIP Tiny Lester).

B. Deebo Samuel can do this to your team in the playoffs 

and most importantly...

C. Deebo Samuel is so good, he actually knows when he is about to do that to your team in the playoffs.

Then again, maybe Deebo was the only 49er this guy had in his phone and he didn't know who else to yell at while being hyped his team took down the immortal 2022 NFC South champions. Only time will tell if the Cowboys can stop Deebo and the Niners this year, because time told us very clearly last year that they couldn't.

Giphy Images.

P.S. I appreciate Deebo wearing red during that call which really sold that it was him. I don't know if he was at the Niners facility or just picked a red shirt yesterday morning, but it really tied the video together like the rug in The Big Lebowski.