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Four Teams Officially Eliminated From The Dozen & Frankettes Return || (The Dozen: Week 14 Preview & Rankings)

Relegation week is over, and with it, congratulations to the Booze Ponies, Foreplay, Misfits, and Swamp Ass for surviving. Sadly, the season ends for Bois Boys Boyz, the Conmen, the Icemen, and Everybody Rides. The season moves on as we have three expansion teams taking on three classic teams as teams try to move up the rankings, and players build resumes for the eventual All-Star game. Our correspondent Scoops L'Aguirre has the breakdown…



  • TEAMS ELIMINATED: Boys Boiz Boyz, The Icemen, The ConMen, and Everybody Ride$
  • The Top 10 remains the same.
  • Relegation week was a blessing in disguise for The Booze Ponies. After getting their first win, they jump #17 to #11, having improved their computer metrics while remaining one of the most entertaining teams.  
  • The same goes for Foreplay; they get their first win and move to #16. 
  • Swamp Ass goes from #22 to #18, which must feel a little disrespectful as they are 2-1-0. Then again, both their wins are against teams who no longer exist.  
  • The Misfits went down one rank to #19 even after their win, which is a bit shocking as they put up 14 points.  
  • Flux and Macrodosing took big hits, dropping to #18 and #20; they might have been better off playing in the relegation week against beatable teams. At least each gets the opportunity to play this week.  
  • Chicago, The Family, Big Screamin’ Honkers, and urMom all slid down a rank due to the Booze Ponies' massive leap.

Now onto the Week 14 preview…


(7) Uptown Balls
- 3-2-0 Record
- 12.80 Points Per Game
- 2.20 Steals Per Game
- 80% Niche Success Rate
-- Glenny: 5.97 PPG
-- Tommy: 4.89 PPG
-- Smitty: 4.87 PPG

Uptown Balls Category Advantages: Celebrity Mashup, MLB, Movies

(13) The Family
- 1-1-1 Record
- 10.00 Points Per Game
- 2.33 Steals Per Game
- 50% Niche Success Rate
-- Reags: 5.89 PPG
-- Rico: 4.22 PPG
-- John Rich: 3.11 PPG

The Family Category Advantages: College Basketball, NBA

The Family is a broken home. Feits walked out on them, and they tried to pick up the pieces by signing Rico Bosco. I am not sure if that is the best signing, as Rico’s specialty (College Basketball) is something Reags has locked down. This team already struggles with decisiveness and communication, and Rico Bosco’s waffling on questions is why the original Team Ziti struggled.  

For The Family to win, they need to play perfectly, and they need Uptown Balls to bring out their old chaotic selves. Do not expect that to happen because Uptown Balls have been playing good trivia for the last nine months.  


(2) Frank and The Frankettes
- 4-1-0 Record
- 13.80 Points Per Game
- 2.80 Steals Per Game
- 80% Niche Success Rate
-- Nick: 6.60 PPG
-- KB: 6.00 PPG
-- Frank: 4.00 PPG

Frankettes Category Advantages: Geography, MLB, Television 

(20) Macrodosing
- 1-1-0 Record
- 10.00 Points Per Game
- 2.50 Steals Per Game
- 50% Niche Success Rate
-- Mad Dog: 5.00 PPG
-- Big T: 4.33 PPG
-- Arian: 3.00 PPG

Macrodosing Category Advantages: Celebrity Mashup, College Football, Chain Restaurants

The last time we saw Macrodosing play, they pulled out an OT win over the Booze Ponies. They have been solid in both their showings this season but face steep competition against The Frankettes. To win, they will need luck on their side: win the Bonus Round, hit their Niche, hope the Frankettes miss their Niche and then sweep College Football (Big T) or Mashups (Mad Dog). Even then, the Frankettes are a high-scoring machine who typically find ways to win. If Macrodosing can pull off the upset, they will soar through the rankings to where they will firmly be in the tournament field.  

For the Frankettes, this is an opportunity for Nick and KB to score points for potential All-Star/MVP bids. 



(4) The Experts
- 4-2-0 Record
- 13.50 Points Per Game
- 1.83 Steals Per Game
- 100% Niche Success Rate
-- Fran: 6.00 PPG
-- PFT: 5.90 PPG
-- Brandon: 5.60 PPG

Experts Category Advantages: Celebrity Mashup, NFL, College Football

(18) FLUX
- 1-1-0 Record
- 10.00 Points Per Game
- 2.00 Steals Per Game
- 50% Niche Success Rate
-- Chris: 7.33 PPG
-- Klemmer: 2.83 PPG
-- Alex: 0.83 PPG

Flux Category Advantages: MLB, Movies, Music

Flux is back for the first time since their early November win over EBR. The last time Chris Castellani played against The Experts was during his debut, where he torched them so badly Brandon had to take multiple weeks off from playing to recover mentally. 

The Experts are coming in hot now, as they have won their last two games by an average of 10 points. The Experts are the only team with three players ranked in the Top 20; meanwhile, Flux has Chris in the Top 5, but Klemmer and Alex Bennett currently rank in the Bottom 10. 

For Flux to win, they need to sweep their specialties (MLB, Movies, etc.) and pray that Fran misses a Mashup for the first time in months. If Flux loses this game and Klemmer/Bennett don’t put up points, then Flux may need to seriously look into the free agent market if they want to make a push for the tournament.


  • Trent wins his Offensive Player of the Week as he caught fire at the end of Foreplay’s game against the Icemen to pull off an epic comeback.  
  • Ebo wins both Defensive Player of the Week and Rookie of the Week after a dominant 10.67-point performance that included stealing his opponent’s first three questions. The Conmen were emotionally from the jump because of Ebo.  

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