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The Yips Are Real: Cowboys Kicker Brett Maher Has Now Missed All 4 Extra Points In This 24-0 Playoff Game


It's currently 24-0 Cowboys. Tom Brady looks terrible. The Bucs are getting booed out of their own stadium. But nobody is having a worse night than poor Brett Maher, who has missed all 4 of the Cowboys PATs. You gotta genuinely feel bad for the guy. After the first miss it's like "okay, that happens sometimes". After the second miss it's like "damn, how do you miss 2???". After the third miss you start wondering what the fuck is wrong with this kicker. But after the FOURTH miss? You feel bad for him. You're not even angry, you're impressed. You want to sit him down and ask what's up, what's going on dude, everything ok at home? This guy is a professional kicker, one of the best in the world, completely failing on the big stage at the easiest aspect of his job. It's brutal, dude. It's like when Chuck Knoblauch couldn't throw to first base. The yips are real and Maher's are haunting his life right now.

If I'm the Cowboys though? I keep on kicking. You're up 24-0, let him kick his way out of this. Let him get his redemption. He was great during the regular season, he can kick his way out of this. Besides, the Bucs coming back from that big of a deficit in a playoff game? Yeah right, that would never happen.