This Guy Drinking A Helmet Full of Beer Is Pure Americana

A couple things about this:

1st- if that life expectancy graph/map thing is legit, what the fuck is going on in the south? They must all have gas stoves down there or something.

2nd- one thing you should know about me, I’m a simple man who is slightly obsessed with the movie “Beer Fest”. If something comes across my desk that conjures up a memory from that delightful movie, I’m going to pass it along because I believe in spreading cheer.

This man, adorned in the American flag tank, drinking himself out of drowning in that “Saw” like contraption on his head instantly brought back memories of Landfill’s death scene…

Luckily, he had a brother Gil. RIP though still.

3rd- other countries see shit like this and quake in their boots. And for good reason. ‘Merica baby. Hit the music.