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Heartbreak + Bachelorette Parties | Mean Girl Pod EP. 51

Buckle up cause this episode is *raw* especially if you’ve ever had your heart broken. And turns out, if you’re human above the age of 10 you have probably have : ) 

But first! Bachelorette parties and a few tips on how to make them the best. Including but not limited to scheduling meals. And trust us, you aren’t the “guys girl” you once thought you were.

If there is one thing you take away from this episode let it be this: Don’t give a hater speech at a wedding. Just kidding thats not the *ONE THING* we have a million takeaway from this episode and here we go: we dive into heartbreak, Jordyn ending a relationship, Giving second chances, ending things for the long run and how heartbreak is the absolute worst. 

But we… are better because of it. And cut. It. Off. For. Good. For love of goodness, do not look back, you’re not going that way. 


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