The Giants Defense Talking About 'Bringing Old School Back And Making It Look Sexy' Should Have The Rest Of The NFL Peeing Down Their Leg


Do I care if you think you're getting too much Giants content? Nope. We're back. We won a playoff game. It's been so long since I could say that so I don't give a shit. When one of our 1st round picks is wearing pajamas, a top hat and talking about turning old school sexy, you're going to get a blog. That's just a promise.  

Add this feeling to the list. I said it yesterday but having some of these guys on defense again and the way they talk just reminds me of the good old days. Every great Giants team had a great defense. They had a true motherfucker. You close your eyes and you see LT, the old linebacking group, the NASCAR package, whatever it might be. Motherfuckers.

Now add Kayvon in a top hat and pajamas. Add Adoree Jackson. Add Sexy Dexy dancing and shaking that ass after a sack. There are guys flying around and making plays. There are guys who aren't afraid to talk shit or dance on the logo. I want guys like that, especially on defense. 

I know we've had crazy offensive players, but there's always been something special about the Giants and the defense. We flock to it. It warms our hearts. This is what I want to hear as we get ready for Philly. I want my defense to have some sort of asshole to them. I want confidence. 

You know what was sexy old school confidence: 

And just flat sexy (more coming):