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Sam Hubbard Proved What We All Know To Be True. The Best Football Players Are Actually Lacrosse Players

Here's a crazy fact for all you boys and girls back home--If the Bengals vs Ravens wild card game happened maybe like 5 years in the future, the Baltimore Ravens are moving on to the divisional round. How could that be, you may be asking yourself right now? Well it's pretty simple, actually. 

This play would never have happened. 

Because Sam Hubbard wouldn't be playing for the Bengals right now. In fact, he wouldn't be playing in the NFL at all. Because in his heart of hearts, Sam Hubbard is a lacrosse player. A lacrosse player who was once committed to Notre Dame to play the sport in college. 

If Sam Hubbard was just a few years older, he would have seen the formation of the Premier Lacrosse League while he was still in high school. He would have been able to chase his dream of being a professional lacrosse player and realize he didn't have to waste his life away playing football to make a living. Sam Hubbard would likely be on the Atlas right now and gearing up for the inaugural 2023 PLL Championship Series coming up in February. It will be the best sporting event to take place over the month of February. 

Instead, he decommitted to Notre Dame and ending up playing football at Ohio State. A tragedy, really. But I guess it's good news for the folks of Cincinnati. Because without Sam Hubbard abandoning his dream of being a professional lacrosse player, the Ravens walk into the end zone on that play and pull off the upset on the road. Thank god for lacrosse players.