Jeff Bezos Has Not Put In A Bid For The Commanders Yet...But The Sale Is Still Happening And Could Be Done Sooner Than Later


Well damn, that's a new twist on the story. Not only has Bezos not submitted a bid for the Commies, but apparently Dan Snyder absolutely does not want to sell to him at all, even if there's a fire. It's interesting- the Washington Post (owned by Bezos) has been the lead investigator into Snyder's sexual harassment cases. So it makes sense for Snyder to not want to sell to him. But let's say Bezos offers $8 billion and the next highest is $6.3 Dan Snyder truly petty enough to turn down $1.7 BILLION out of spite?!?! My answer? Yes, I think he is. It's kinda sick though, because on paper you see the $6 billion and then you see $8 billion and think "what's the difference?" and then when you think about it, could a human being truly turn down 2 BILLION DOLLARS?!?! We're talking BILLIONS, folks. I think it's sometimes hard to even appreciate how much money that is. But I don't know how this maniacs think. Once you have 6 billion do you care if you have 8 billion? Is there anything you can buy with 8 that you can't buy with 6? But then again, who in their right mind can happily say no thank you to 2 more billions? I'm going to have an aneurysm thinking about it.

But despite all that, there is still good news:



Oh thank the lord Snyder hasn't pulled a Vince McMahon and decided "nahhhh, fuck it, I'm back". Yet. Because if I know Dan Snyder like I think I know Dan Snyder, that scenario is still very much possible. He could wake up on his mega-yacht today and go "you know what, fuck em" and then fire everyone and name himself head coach. At least if he did that we could be like "well props to him for going full villain and embracing it". 

But if Jet Plane Finlay has heard from a close source the situation "will be over soon", let us pray he's right and Snyder doesn't get cold feet. Let's get a new owner, a new stadium, and a franchise QB and turn this sucker around. Let's have a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue baby. Our nightmare is almost over. Hallelujah.