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The Only Proper Way To Celebrate The Giants Being Back: Kayvon Thibodeaux Hitting The Griddy Directly On The Vikings Logo

Is the griddy overplayed? Absolutely. I don't give a fuck though. Mock Justin Jefferson, mock the Vikings, take a shit on the Vikings logo for all I care. We just won. That's what matters. When you win in the playoffs, you can do whatever you want. In fact, I hope Kayvon goes back and puts a plaque on the exact spot Kirk Cousins was so scared to throw against the Giants that with the game on the line he threw it a whopping 2 yards downfield. 

But this is what I missed. Not just the playoffs. Not just the wins in the playoffs. The fact the Giants - especially the defense - has some fucking pride and heart again. They have some swagger and will dance all over your grave. This is why you draft Kayvon in the top-5. This is why you get a Sexy Dexy and Adoree Jackson and Wink and everyone else. 

The Giants I (and we) grew up on were defense first. LT, Carson, Pepper, Jason Sehorn, Armstead, Strahan, Pierce, Osi, Tuck, JPP, whoever you want to name. Bad boys who will eat your shit and dance on your grave. That's what I want back and that's what we have back. I know Danny was awesome. I know Saquon was awesome. But we're seeing a complete Giants team. 

Correction: Kayvon understands this

Celebrate for one night. Prep for Philly. Fuck the Eagles.