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By The Looks Of It, Kliff Kingsbury Is Surviving Just Fine In Thailand


If you recall, Kliff Kingsbury bought himself a one-way ticket to Thailand and told all interested teams that he has no interest in coaching. Well...now we know why. Turns out Lady Kingsbury is also with him in Thailand and by the looks of it, he is doing fine just fine without babysitting Kyler every day:


Good for Kliff! I don't know why he would ever return to coaching. $20 million in the bank and he gets to live off the grid, off the radar in Thailand with his smoke girlfriend until he gets bored of her and wants to come back to professional football. What a god damn dream. As I wrote in the first blog, he should see the world, swim with the dolphins, do some weird drugs, and when he's ready to work again he can take an offensive coordinator position with the Texans for $2.5 million a year. 

I will say though, there's a reason guys coach for 40 years and never retire, never step away from the game. To get to that level you have to be a crazy person. You have to be a legit psycho to put in the hours, to break down film for 18 hours a day. You need to be obsessive and your mind always working. It's a unique trait that most coaches have, and it stops them from ever doing anything besides coaching football. So we'll see just how long Kliff can stay away. Or maybe, just maybe, he doesn't have that gene. Maybe he's able to switch it off and simply enjoy life. I guess only time will tell, but I'm glad he's making the most of it while he can.