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I Am Somehow More Frustrated Than I Could Have Ever Imagined With How The Season Just Ended For The Miami Dolphins

I'll be completely transparent here: I thought that the Dolphins had no chance of winning today. That thought was solidified early into the 2nd quarter when the Bills went up 17-0 and a blowout seemed like it was going to become reality. All week long, everyone in the football world talked about how Miami had no shot and the Bills were going to breeze into the AFC Divisional Round. And all week long, I couldn't think of a realistic way to counter that.

But despite a 3rd string rookie quarterback taking snaps today, the Miami Dolphins showed more fight today than I could have ever imagined. Yet here I am, just a few minutes after their 34-31, season-ending loss to the Buffalo Bills, feeling angry and frustrated with how that game ended. 

The lack of discipline with basic fundamentals down the stretch by Miami was insane... How, just how do you not get a play off with a 4th & 1 and the season on the line?! At the time of the play above, Head Coach Mike McDaniel was already out of timeouts due to the play clock running down on numerous occasions earlier in the half. So, the fact that the team was STILL in the huddle with 4 seconds left to snap is just insane. There are zero excuses to let this happen. Zero. 

And I'll also be transparent with the fact that I am not the biggest Dolphins fan. Yes, they are my hometown team, but it takes a lot for me to legitimately stay unhappy for a long period of time when they lose. Yet here I am, on a day where they were 14-point underdogs on the road against Josh Allen, and I'm thinking, "How did they not win that game?!"

The defense made some unreal plays. Skylar Thompson could have played much worse. The whole team survived that 17-0 major blow in the first half. And despite all that, it was a very frustrating way for the season to end. Oh well, until September...