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Is Frank The Tank Leaving The Bills/Dolphins Game Early The Craziest Move Of All Time?

Frank left the Dolphins vs Bills game early because he had to catch a flight. Frank's first playoff game he gets to see in person, he flies all the way to Buffalo only to bail out right before, or right after the Dolphins cut the lead to 3. Wild, wild move. 

I thank my Dad for teaching me "never ever leave early, you may see something you've never seen before." He did break that rule one night at a Harrisburg Senators game during the week we visited Hersey Park when the bugs got out of control. In the 8th he called it quits, I said "Dad I thought we don't leave early" He quickly replied, "Tonight we do, the bugs are out of control and there's hotel beds with air conditioning waiting for us, where would you rather be?" He sold us pretty quick on that. 

Frank leaving was a wild move . So wild that it caught the eye of some very very important people. 

One could say it didn't end up mattering because the Dolphins lost, but when in the content game, you needed those reactions in the stadium not in a car, and also there's no possible way Frank could have known the Dolphins were going to lose (although I'm sure if you ask him he said he knew they were going to lose on Monday. Also, if they do win that game how could you not want to be there for that moment? 

Tough scene for Frank. I hope he can overcome this. I like him a lot. Can't have anudder bad break for Frank. 


PS- Major shoutout to our team here that books flights behind the scenes, they are terrific and would have figured out alternatives to get Frank home safely.