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Trevor Lawrence Is An Absolute Stud Celebrating His Big Win At A Waffle House

This is the only way anybody should ever celebrate a win. Why go out to a club and waste money on stupid shit when you can have some fine dining at a Waffle House? Plus if you go to the club in Jacksonville you are definitely not having a good time. The Waffle House though? It's never disappointed. And if I can pick anywhere to get a standing ovation, a Waffle House would be the 1st place I would want it. The real Jacksonville fans aren't partying at whatever the Jax equivelent of E11ven is, they are sitting down and talking over some waffles, burnt coffee, and a whole bunch of cigarettes inside.

There are certain teams like the Jaguars, Bills, and Raiders where you have absolutely insane fans that live and die if you win. Especially the Jags because they have been such dog shit since Blake Bortles almost got them to the Super Bowl. 

And when you think about it, athletes have it so easy to be likable after a win. They shouldn't say any words at all, and they can just chug a beer or go to a chain restaurant be a legend forever. For some reason we LOVE when athletes do normal things. Chug a beer on the jumbotron? You're getting a statue. Pretending to be a trashbag like all of us, that's really the key. Save your fancy dinners for the off-season, after wins you eat garbage food with the common folk and cement your legacy. Trevor Lawrence went from being the worst playoff QB of all time to the best story in the playoffs. (And I also love him because I took them live like a sharp but this isn't about me.)