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There's Nothing Like The Home Team's Game-Winning Radio Call ESPECIALLY For An Improbable Come-From-Behind Playoff Win

I woke up this morning at watched clips, locker room speeches, post-game pressers, and player reactions on Instagram. 

I talked to my kid about it all morning long and scheduled my DVR so I can have it forever. 

I texted old friends and new. This was one of the banner games in Jaguars' history without a doubt. Sure, we’ve never won the Super Bowl, but we have moved on to the Divisional round after being coached by Urban Meyer last year and starting 3-7 this year and got there by coming back from 27-0 to win a game that we didn’t lead until the clock hit 00:00. That is a run on sentence but that’s what happens when you make a run in the playoffs imo. 

There’s no doubt that no one else gets this team to this point but Doug Pederson. He’s an absolute machine of a play caller and has a better feel for the game than anyone who I've watched coach my team. That wide run off tackle to ETN on 4th and inches was incredible. It was incredible for two reasons. 1. It worked. 2. Doug took a timeout after seeing their defensive formation and changed the play call. It was essentially the play of the game. ETN stayed in bound to keep the clock running. Incredible play call. Incredible execution. 

This team has caused Jaguars fans a lot of heartbreak and disappointment. Yes, it was only the wild card round but I’m pumped for more than that. I’m pumped because this team will be in these rounds of the playoffs for a long time. Doug did it for one team without a Lombardi. Let's do that here too. 

Run it back, Doug. 

Ps: name something more Jacksonville than this. 

We are on to Kansas City.