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Defensive Guru Brandon Staley Loses a 27-0 Lead And The Chargers Are Out of The Playoffs

This is one of those moments where I am actually happy that I have been a Chargers fan this long. Because I have witnessed this story 500 times. I’ve seen them blow lead after lead after lead to the point where my sports fan heart is just shriveled into an emotionless husk. 

In addition to just this LOSER franchise DNA, I’ve seen this happen to Justin Herbert  for three years straight. He plays great, plays through a shitty situation personnel wise (practice squad guy was WR3, LT went down, TEs were in an out) and his defense gives up 500 points and they lose. Through the first part of Staley’s career, it seemed like he might be the cure. He wasn’t an over thinker like McCoy and he wasn’t a coward/bad game manager like Lynn. He was aggressive, made good calls and generally managed the game well. But now? It’s over.

His decision to keep Williams in that broncos game and now allowing one of the biggest playoff comebacks in history is the nail in his coffin. Was it 100% his fault? No. A bunch of very important starters went down in the game which fucking sucks but should make you lose every sense of defensive composure. 

Something needs to happen to fix this franchise. Spanos fam, sell the team. I beg you.