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You'd Be Hard Pressed To Find a Better Championship Ceremony Than What Auckland New Zealand Has Got Going On These Days

That's it, that's the standard for trophy ceremonies moving forward. Receiving a Haka dance from the tournament you just won is as good as it gets. Who cares about any trophy you get and what it looks like? You get a Haka and that takes the cake. 

Richard Gasquet has been in the tennis game for a long, long time. I'm kinda surprised he's still giving it a go these days, but here he is winning a title down in Aukland and taking out Cam Norrie in the process. His first championship since 2018 and he beat the number 12 ranked player in the world to do it.  

I'd love to hear all of his thoughts in this very moment

Obviously the Haka is a sacred ritual reserved for special moments and is a great honor to receive, but at the same time how on Earth do you keep a straight face here if you're Gasquet there? We're all humans, we're allowed to crack smiles when insane moments break out. Credit to him for keeping it together. 

What a picture.


Aussie Open kicks off tomorrow night. Get your NFL playoff fix in this weekend and then just when you think it's bed time you flip on the Aussie. Next thing you know it's 5am. I love this time of the year.