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AJ Brown Is A Super Bowler

Pretty decent dad joke in that headline if I do say so myself. 

But goodness gracious. AJ Brown is an absolute KILLER at the lanes. This man knew that shit was dialed the moment the ball left his fingers. Not a question or a single doubt about it. He had a game check on the line and delivered an absolute bullet. Who do you think you are? AJ Brown is!

Must suck for all those other teams out there who had to go through walk throughs today before traveling for a playoff game. AJ Brown and the boys are just enjoying a nice relaxing day at the ol' bowling alley. Some quality team bonding time staying nice and loose before the actual playoffs begin next weekend. But even a bye week isn't going to stop AJ Brown from racking up those wins.  

Sidenote: AJ Brown would have to be the first receiver in NFL history to have 1,000 yards AND to bowl a perfect 300 in a single season, right?