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Full-Body Cringe Video: Dan LeBatard Gushes About How Much Vince Wilfork Loves His Wife, Only to Be Told They're Divorced and He's Remarried

You couldn't script it any more awkwardly:

Dan LeBatard: “I have always enjoyed the way you talk about your wife and your relationship. You are very comfortable talking about how you met your wife, how important she is to you… I’ve always admired that about you, that you have no problems whatsoever about professing your love.” 

Vince Wilfork, visibly nervous the whole time: “Well, the thing is, I have a new wife now. Me and Bianca didn’t make it, so I moved on, we moved on. It was for the better for the both of us. But we are real good friends, we are parents first, and the love I have for her, I have for her. But my new wife — we just got married October 8, 2020 and I’m happy.” 

[Pregnant pause]

Stugotz, scrambling for words: “Things just got a little awkward there, so let me be the first on this show to congratulate you on the new wife, Vince. Congratulations on feeling whole, feeling complete.”

Annnd ... scene! Cue the music:

First of all, this was a masterclass in how to handle cringey moment like this by Wilfork. You don't get indignant. You don't act pissy that the hosts didn't do their homework and accidentally stumbled into a semi-painful subject. You do what has become far too rare in the terrible times we've created: Take it in the spirit it was intended. LeBatard was trying to say something nice, he didn't have his facts right. Let him off the hook. The world will be a better place if we follow VW's lead the next time a harmless, well-intentioned screw up happens. Especially in a live interview. 

I'm not a huge fan of LeBatard's  show and never watch it. But without a doubt he deserves some slack for this. It's a true "There but for the grace of God go I," situation. There's not a man, woman or child among us who hasn't asked about someone's personal life, just to be friendly. Only to find out the one you asked them about divorced them, dumped them, cheated on them. Or worse, up and died on them. Only you either didn't hear or are too much of a narcissist to have bothered to remember. It's one of those universal experiences we all share at some point in our lives. Hell, I've had nightmares where I say something unforgivably stupid and can't talk my way out of the situation. And I'm never happier to wake up in my own bed realizing it never happened. It's a Scrooge-like new lease on life every time. 

And if you choose to rip the show for not knowing about Wilfork's personal life, you're just admitting you've never done a live broadcast. This isn't a late night talk show, where somebody pre-interviews the guest to find out what they plan to talk about and feed the host questions. Cycling guests through a sports talk show is the most seat-of-the-pants operation in the world. That's why sometimes it's gold, other times it's a trainwreck like this. But that realism is what makes the genre worth listening to. 

Also, this is yet another reminder of why over his 10 seasons in New England (bookended with two Super Bowl rings) is one of the five most beloved players in franchise history. Best of luck to him, to Bianca, and the lady lucky enough to be the new Mrs. Vince Wilfork.