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Drop What You're Doing Right Now And Look At The Cutest Bunny You've Ever Seen In Your Whole Life Eat Lettuce!

Sweet baby Jesus in a bassinet while sucking on his thumb, this is the cutest bunny I've ever seen. I wanna scoop that cutie up, hold it close to my cheek, and tell Mr. Fluff that I love him more than anything I've ever loved. I wanna stick this bunny in my pocket while stroking his little head. He'd ask for a piece of lettuce with his sweet, little bunny eyes lookin like he needs a snack.

"Mr. Fluff," I'll say. "You know you already had some lettuce this morning but I cant say no to you, buddy. Here's an entire head of lettuce. Eat your fill. You deserve it."

Mr. Fluff would then look at me with tears in his eyes. I'll know it means that he loves me so much that it hurts. As I move to kiss his head, he starts doing butterfly kisses with me. I weep. We all weep. Good work, everybody. 

PS. No disrespect to the Fire Bunny. I still love him too.