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Mike Williams Is Officially OUT for The Playoffs Thanks To Brandon Staley

ICYMI, last Sunday the Chargers played a meaningless game against the Broncos. The Chargers playoff seed was already locked with the Ravens loss before the game, so there was nothing to play for AT ALL. Pretty much anyone with a rational brain expected the same thing for that game. The starters would play a quarter or so and then get benched so they stay healthy for a playoff run. Makes sense, right? Keep the starter's juices flowing going into the playoff matchup but keep your stars healthy. 

What actually happened, though? Staley kept the starters in until the third quarter. Some even longer than that. With a minute left in the half on the Chargers FIFTH offensive possession, Mike Williams took a massive hit and had to be carted off the field. He had to be helped into the locker room and later out of the stadium to the team bus. Despite that, Staley promised everything was fine and that he would be back at practice at some point that week. 

So now here we are. Going into a rematch with the Jags who PUMMELED the Chargers earlier this year and they will be without their WR2 after being without their WR1 in the first matchup. And to reiterate, this entire fiasco is 100% Brandon Staley's fault. 

I'm still fairly confident in the Chargers matchup because Keenan is the more important receiver to have on the field. It just changes the entire offensive gameplan from having a big play threat to now having to really dink and dunk on every possession. But now, if they lose, Staley's job will be at up in the air which was not the case this time one week ago. 

The Spanos fam has given nearly every coach over the last three decades at least 3 years to run, so I doubt he gets canned. But the public pressure is going to be on in a BIG way. Oh and just to note now: Sean Payton will not be the the Chargers coach. Payton was offered $100 million across 4 years by Miami over the summer before Belichick blew their entire Brady-Payton offseason plan up.  The Spanos family is (relatively) poor and will literally never be able to out-bid any of the other teams looking for coaches right now. Plus they are notorious penny pinchers when it comes to coaching salaries. So just get the motion out of your brain now if you're thinking it.