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Trevor Lawrence Was The Best Quarterback In The NFL This Season

Trevor Lawrence was the best quarterback in the NFL when it comes to interception percentage and reeeaaaallly close to being fully arrived on the NFL scene. I expected this type of year next year because that Urban Meyer season should be a big ole flush-it-down-the-toilet year, but he's developed so much under Dougie P. 

The growth of Lawrence has been incredible. Earlier in the season I talked about how he didn't look like he had confidence. I'd say that was pretty true. He had the young quarterback up and downs and had them in a big way. You could see the look on his face from time to time. When he'd throw a pick (two of those six interceptions were RIGHT on the goal line. They were straight up terrible picks at terrible times in the game. But, he grew. He went nearly two months without an interception. He had only two interceptions the last 9 games. Not bad. I'll take that every single year. But, it's not just the picks. 

2022 NFL Rankings

  • 2nd in passer rating during wins (110.2)
  • 4th in sack percentage (4.4%)
  • 6th in DVOA (13.1%)
  • 6th YAR (946)
  • 6th in interception-percentage (1.4%)
  • 7th in DYAR (948)
  • 7th in VOA (13.0%)
  • 7th in pass completions (387)
  • 8th in ANY/A (6.66)
  • 8th in TD passes (25)
  • 8th in passing 1D (206)
  • 8th in EYDS (4,446)
  • 8th in 4QC (3)
  • 9th in passer rating (95.2)
  • 9th in passing yards (4,113)
  • 10th in NY/A (6.43)
  • 10th in completions/game (22.8)

Obviously, he's not the best overall QB. You'd still take Mahomes over him but next year, I think he'll start pushing his way into being mentioned in the same breath as Josh Allen, Burrow, and Herbert, not Mahomes though. He's still in a class by himself but the next tier will include Trevor Lawrence and that feels fucking good. 

We did it. Our beloved Jaguars have our guy. It's nice to know we won't be as bad as we were for the last decade for the next decade. Duval til we die, baby.