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Great Friend Or Great Big Mess ... Would You Let Someone Get Engaged At Your Own Wedding ?

Here's a little debate for a Friday ... would you let someone else get engaged at your wedding ? 

I have heard, and at times felt that getting engaged at someone else's wedding is an absolutely insane move. INSANE. To the extent that the people getting married may never speak to you again. It may quite literally define , stealing someone's thunder. Everyone is there to enjoy the wedding, look at the bride and groom , share stories about them meeting, possibly them breaking up and getting back together, exchange laughs, hammer scallops wrapped in bacon at the cocktail hour, hit on a bridesmaid, check scores if they got married in the fall (or winter,or summer or spring for that matter, there's always gonna be a game on) catch up with old friends, take advantage of the open bar, awkwardly dance, but most of all keep the shine on the bride and groom as it's their day. 

So to decide of all days, and all ways to propose, someone choosing another person's wedding is a wild move. It will shift all that focus we talked about from the stars (The Bride and Groom), to someone else (the newly engaged couple). It might be a cardinal sin of weddings. Don't do it. 

Now, I may be softening my stance after seeing this video because the bride in this might be the most selfless person on earth. She not only knew about the engagement she helped with the assist. Very very selfless and something not everyone would do. Heart of gold. 

Now with that said, let's highlight some of my favorite ancillary characters in this video and break them down. 

1- The guy who proposes

Dude , put your fucking jacket on. For starters it's a wedding, two you are about to have one of the most important pictures of your life taken … maybe don't look like an 11th grader in a catholic school on a hot day in May who rolled their sleeves up to take a Geometry test during last period before they go drive their hand me down Honda Civic home to watch Sportscenter in their basement.

2- The only unhappy girl in the background 

Almost everyone is very happy for the moment. Except her. She was just trying to have a nice night at the wedding, maybe meet a nice guy and hell if lucky catch the bouquet. Nope. Newly engaged girl cancelled the bouquet . Better work double time to meet someone. She was pissed. So obviously pissed. 

3 -The girl who saw the size of the ring and is wondering how he afforded it 

4-  The little kid in the background who doesn't give a shit 

First the adult … "how the fuck did he afford that on his salary ? " GOLD.

And the child after listening to her mom say  "Oh awesome Susie got engaged !" and responded with a look of "Who gives a shit you said there would be an Ice Cream station ? " Double gold. 

The moral is that if you are going to get engaged find someone as selfless as this bride, but also make sure they know about it and accept it without a shadow of a doubt because if you do it on the sneak, or blindside the couple .. they will be even more pissed. 

Props again to the bride (and groom) who let this happen, although not everyone agrees.