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Turns Out Guitar Center Has The Best Security On The Planet

If any of you hooligans out there are thinking about stealing a guitar from Guitar Center, I just hope you have all your affairs in order. Tell your friends and family that you love them because there's a strong chance you won't live long enough to ever tell them again. 

I mean what did this idiot think was going to happen? That he wasn't going to get unalived by this employee? That he wasn't going to end up in a rear naked chokehold begging for his life? You don't work at Guitar Center unless guitars are your fucking life. You attempt to steal a guitar from there and you are committing the most heinous crime imaginable in their eyes. They don't need armed security guards watching over the store. They just have a bunch of dudes who love to rock, and are willing and able to kick some ass if anybody tries to take that from them. 

Sidenote: There's a good chance this is an older video since I don't remember the last time I've actually seen a Guitar Center. But what an all-time store that was for a bunch of bored teenagers just looking to kill some time on a Saturday afternoon. Drive over to your nearest GC and try to play as many of the instruments as possible before you'd get kicked out. Never bought anything from there but I sure as shit hope some people are so they're still in business.