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You Can't Be More Pathetic Than Atletico Madrid - Team Sent A Letter To Thibaut Courtois Demanding He Apologizes Or They'll Remove His Plaque

Live look at Courtois: 

Good. So here's the backstory. He played for Atletico from 2011-14 before joining Real Madrid in 2018. Obviously rivals and shockingly that doesn't sit well with fans. But more than that Courtois sort of got cocky with Real Madrid: 

[Source] - Speaking ahead of the Champions League final, Courtois said: “It was different for me (in the 2014 final). When Real Madrid play a final, they win it, so now I’m on the right side of history.”

In September, he coldly showed fans his Champions League trophy tattoo after taunts during the warm-up.

The club, as well as the supporters, are not happy with Courtois and it's emerged that have threatened to take away his plaque if he does not say sorry and improve his attitude.

Hey, fair play by Courtois. He's not playing for Atletico, he plays for Real. Talk all the shit. But it doesn't get more pathetic by sending a letter to him and threatening to take away his plaque. Oh no. How will anyone remember what he did at Atletico? It's basically the same as the NCAA taking down banners. We watched the games, we remember what happened. 

Here's an idea for Atletico. Beat him. 

That simple. 

It's such a bad and soft look to send a letter demanding an apology. I can't even defend it from a soccer move. It's soft. Everyone should make fun of them for this. You play them. Don't be down 11 points. Just beat them. It's that simple. Who gives a shit if he's mocking your fans? They are the ones throwing a rat at him. Again, fair play. But beat them. Stop being soft.