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Shirtless Weirdo Gets Choked Out On a Train By a Big Mean Bully

I used to ride the Expo train in Los Angeles every day. This literally could have been me.

I must say, I'm team Shirtless Weirdo on this one. I'm sure he's not an awesome human being, but in this situation he didn't handle himself THAT bad. Not that he handled himself well. For starters, he was riding public transit without a shirt on. But you can't blame a hot muscular man for wanting to show off the goods. You don't buy a Ferrari to keep it locked up in a garage. 

Shirtless Weirdo actually kept his cool pretty well throughout the whole ordeal. I can't speak to what happened before they started filming, but from what I see in the video, Shirtless Weirdo did nothing wrong. Is he just supposed to let those jerks call him names and do nothing about it? He tried so hard to walk away and leave it be. He was fully removed from the situation and on his way to the back of the train. But then the man brandishing a bicycle just HAD to get in one last gratuitous "weirdo", and the man couldn't help himself. It was a classic case of train bullying. A group of popular kids couldn't help but pick on the weirdo without a shirt. Poor guy. You could almost see the hurt in his eyes. He was on the verge of tears! He just didn't wanna be called a weirdo man... It hurt his feelings.

I will say that the man who took him down seemed to know exactly what he was doing. I imagine this isn't the first time he's put someone to sleep like that. Usually these videos end in some sort of vicious knockout. But this guy politely put the weirdo in a choke hold, and responsibly laid him down to sleep on the Expo floor.

I wonder what happened when Shirtless Weirdo woke up. Was he immediately arrested? His behavior on the train obviously wasn't great, but I don't know if he deserves to spend a night in jail. He didn't throw hands. I don't think he was ever really going to hit anyone. He definitely struck me as a fake tough guy who is very much not about that life. He was merely sticking up for himself. Shirtless Weirdo deserves better.