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BOOO: If The Bills And Chiefs Make The AFC Title Game It Will Be Held In Atlanta, Should Have Been Outdoors In The Cold

Listen, I understand the NFL here. They don't want to worry about the weather. They want to make sure this game is played no questions ask. They want to see a shootout between Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. That said, this is lame. Give me the outdoors. Give me the elements. This idea was originally floated out there: 

Hell yes. Both these teams have top-tier homefield advantage with fans and the elements. Don't give us an indoor game. Shit, I'd rather see them go Friday Night Lights and let the Chiefs build a field for all I care. 

It's one of the beauties of football. Each team has a distinct advantage with their field. Some teams are made to play in snow, cold, rain, etc. Some play in the heat. The NFL could have made this cool as shit and played in Chicago or something and they chose the 'safe' option. Boo. Give me something different. Hell, Green Bay would be awesome, especially since Packers fans would be miserable since they aren't even in the playoffs. Rub it in their faces. 

Again, I understand the logic here. But I'm speaking strictly as a fan. I want to see an awesome, weird game. If KC or Buffalo had the game at home there'd likely be elements. Give us that again. Put it in Green Bay or Chicago.