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Real Life Jamie Tartt: Another Soccer Player Is Straight Up Leaving His Club In Order To Be A Contestant On 'Love Island'

What the hell is going on out here? I don't care if Macclesfield has gotten relegated so much and needing help to save the club. You can't leave to go on reality TV in South Africa. The team for sure can't put out a statement like this. Show some integrity. Try to show you want to win more than this. Needless to say fans are not happy: 

[Source] - And even Macclesfield director of football Robbie Savage has backed the move, calling Clare "Mr Love Island". The move caused uproar online and so did Savage's support of it.

Yeah, no shit. Did anyone over there watch Ted Lasso? 

How can a show about a former Wichita State football coach turned English soccer manager be this accurate? If a fake show had people going yeah this is going to be a bad idea, real life soccer should be smart enough. I mean, shit, I don't care what league you play in. Fans over there are batshit crazy. If you leave for a reality show, they are going to hate your guts. 

He's not even the first guy to do it!

I get that reality show can lead to more fame. But you're a professional athlete. Try to … improve there? I don't know. This dude is young. It's not like he's at the end of his career and trying to drag out fame a little bit longer. Maybe help out your team? Just an idea. But really I'm just as annoyed at the team statement. I cheer for a fair share of teams that do stupid shit. I'd lose my mind if one of my teams put out a statement like this.