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For The First Time In DECADES, The Chicago Bears Have A New President. Kevin Warren Comes Over From The BigTen

Pretty big news around here. Kevin Warren is the new head guy in charge for the Chicago Bears. What that role really is and what power he has...remains to be seen. Ted Phillips was a mystery covered in teflon for the last 40 years or so. Who knows if Kevin Warren will try to get his fingers into football operations or not. Let's hope not because for the first time in decades the Bears appear to have a path towards on-field success. Let Warren handle all the off-field stuff which should include a new stadium. 

Like Rappaport said, Warren ran the show for the Vikings new stadium development in Minnesota and that thing looks absolutely STUNNING on tv

The Bears are by all accounts moving forward with the Arlington deal. They need someone with experience and that appears to be Warren. 

Warren was not the most popular guy among BigTen fans but there is no denying that he played the hand he was dealt in the changing college football landscape. Conferenes and regionality are dying in the sport and while I DETEST the direction of college football there is no denying that the BigTen is strong now than it was before Warren. Would you rather be the BigTen or the Pac12 today? 

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Maybe Warren will look closely at the Soldier Field proposal....

But probably not.