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Steph Curry. Ray Allen. Rear Ads. - The Three Guys You Simply Must Stop What You're Doing And Watch Shoot A Basketball

Now listen, this is the epitome of what a hockey guy looks like shooting a basketball. I fully understand if roles are reversed and I'm out here playing hockey it would look the same. I can't stop while skating. Just crash into walls like I'm Luis Mendoza minus the speed. But I've watched my pal - our pal - Rear Ads shoot a basketball for a solid 5 minutes straight.

It's mesmerizing. That's why I'm not lying. Steph Curry and Ray Allen - the two single greatest shooters we've seen. You stop and watch them when they are putting on a show. Very few things are as fun to watch as when Steph is just absolutely feeling it from three. Then there's RA. I feel like Artie Lange in Beer League.

You know Dave, you might be a lefty.

Gotta hand it to RA though. He realized he was cold from outside. Then he got back to his roots. Not Larry Bird, but the Kareem sky hook. What a beaut

Vet move to shake your hands dry after a miss. Everyone knows if you airball a shot, you pretend like it's not your fault. Had to slip. Had to have a little sweat on the hands. Even the greats do it. Can't stop watching.

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